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Our goal is to provide you with the best e-collar for your dog training needs. Over 100 models in stock.
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We can assist you in the proper use and maintenance of training collars.
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SAFE, HUMANE, VERSATILE DOG TRAINING AIDS Stimulation levels are adjustable from very low to very high and can be as brief as 1/1000 of a second, just enough to get your dogs attention. Some models offer non-stimulating tone or vibration modes as conditioning options. Universities and veterinarians have tested and proven the collars cannot physically harm your dog.

BEEPER COLLARS The dogs collar horn emits a loud beep which can be heard about 1/4 mile. Beeper modes you select between range and point and point only. The different sound of the beep lets you know your dogs is running or on point. Beeper collars can be stand alone collars or combined with a remote trainer.

TRACKING COLLARS The dogs transmitting collar sends a signal to the receiver so you can locate your dog. Many collars offer activity indicators so you know what your dog is doing. Today GPS offers very accurate tracking to your hand held device or smartphone.

Bark collars for Nuisance Barking problems, Your dog will teach himself when he can and cannot bark.
Keep up with your hounds!
Give your dog more off leash freedom!

NO BARK COLLARS Only your dogs' vocal cords activate or trigger a brief stimulation to stop unwanted barking. Your dog learns self control. If he does not bark, he does not activate the collar. The stimulation is adjustable to your dog's sensitivity.

ELECTRONIC TRAINING COLLARS Keep your dog safe and well-mannered. Give your dog more freedom. Have peace of mind and a happier dog. Dogs learn faster; you discourage the unwanted behavior as it occurs, reward the good behavior!

CONTAINMENT SYSTEMS Use a boundary wire to transmit a signal around your property. The collar is activated when the dog enters the signal area. The collar emits a warning when the dog first enters the signal area which is then followed by a stimulation if he should continue into the off limits area.

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